We specialise in Project Management, Software Design, Development and Support for your IBMi, iSeries and AS400. RPG, EDI, JBA System21.

Whessoe Varec

Upgraded JBA System21 financial, manufacturing and distribution systems from version 3.2 to 3.4.2 and on to 3.5.1.  This included upgrading existing bespoke work, development of new programs written in RPG/400, CL, DDS and MS Visual Basic, to enhance the standard JBA System21 applications and the installation of PTF’s to the JBA systems.

Designed and developed a sales commissions system which interfaced to the JBA sales order processing application.

Designed and developed a new reporting system based on the JBA Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) application to provide more detailed information to help the manufacturing plant to be run more efficiently.

Configured TCP/IP on an AS/400 as part of a project to replace a mixed ethernet/token ring network with a wholly ethernet network utilising TCP/IP to communicate between client workstations, the AS/400 and multiple NT servers.

Provided support for all of the JBA System21 applications used within Whessoe Varec, liaised with JBA and installed fixes where necessary.