We specialise in Project Management, Software Design, Development and Support for your IBMi, iSeries and AS400. RPG, EDI, JBA System21.

KV Computer Services

Concise Consulting were responsible for analysis of client’s requirements for customisation of KV Computer Services Payroll, Personnel and BACS applications, producing specifications and carrying out development using RPG, CL and DDS.  We also provided support and training to existing clients and product demonstrations to potential clients as well as being responsible for the operation of the company’s AS400 system.

We were responsible for the selection and implementation of a Windows based GUI for the Payroll and Personnel systems, the product chosen was Seagull Software’s GUI/400.  We developed the GUI and links to Microsoft Excel and Word using scripts developed in VBA.  We also developed a report writer in VB6 which used IBM Client Access API’s to link to data on the AS/400 to allow this data to be extracted to a number of destinations.  Once the GUI and Report Writer had been developed, we were responsible for preparing all of the marketing information and running a series of presentations for existing and potential KV customers.  These products were very well accepted by the KV user community and approximately 60% of the user base (totalling 120) purchased both products.