Specialising in all things IBMi, iSeries, AS400, RPG, EDI and JBA System21.

We have many years of experience of the IBMi and in particular of software development and support.

As well as developing standalone applications we specialise in interfacing to and extending your existing applications

We have developed our own managed file transfer solutions using FTP and SFTP which have been used to communicate between applications such as Point of Sales systems, Stock Count systems, Warehouse systems, Handheld Scanners, Demand Management systems and Ecommerce applications.  These applications may be running on an IBMi, in the cloud or on other platforms such as Unix or Windows.

We carry out mapping and integration of all file formats and standards such as xml, csv, txt as well as EDI standards such as EDIFACT, Tradacoms, X12 and VDA.

We can also supply support services for both software and hardware including job scheduling, networking, backups, operating system upgrades, application of PTF’s and problem resolution.

If you have a project (any size, large or small) that you think we could assist with, please get in touch for an initial discussion.

IBMi, iSeries, AS400, RPG, EDI, JBA System 21, Software Development, Implementation, Support, EDI Mapping, Managed File Transfer, Systems Integration, Project Management, Business Analysis, System Design.